Digitally Enhanced Supply Chain Segmentation

Tailored services, SKU proliferation, lot size one – does that sound familiar? If it does you’ve either already segmented your supply chain or you are familiar with the topic. You’ve probably evaluated or even achieved the benefits segmented supply chains offer: Higher revenue due to the tailored offerings addressing differentiated customer needs Higher margin due […]

The changing face of security: How to fight data breaches with SAP Enterprise Threat Detection (ETD)

Today’s business landscapes tend to be heterogeneous with interconnected systems and increasing number of mobile and cloud-based applications. This diversity makes it difficult to use traditional approaches to protect assets from internal threats. The amount of security-relevant data generated by systems and applications in today’s landscapes is huge and is spread across a vast number […]

How to digitalize your Document Management (DM) – Once and for All

Every year, it is estimated over 30 billion original documents are created, according to the McKinsey Global Institute.  85% of the documents are not retrieved, 50% are duplicates, and 60% of stored documents are obsolete.  Yet document management is often overlooked and not considered of high-value.  A well-run Document Management (DM) strategy can address numerous […]

Does AI have an impact on how shared service centers will be set up in the future?

In this article I will explore how Artificial Intelligence will impact strategic decisions on the geographical location of shared service centers. Shared service centers contributing to operational excellence – low-wage country locations as a key lever In their pursuit of reducing operating costs and enhancing customer experience, companies across various industries have launched initiatives to […]

Supply chains in a time of a looming trade war: Is AI-driven reshoring the solution?

In the past week, headlines all over the world were filled with fears and speculations in regards to a potentially imminent US-China trade war: “Trade war ‘is the greatest threat to the world economy’” (CNBC, USA) “Fallout from US-China trade war would hit major global firms” (Asia Times, Hong Kong) “The trade war is a […]

Shaping New Business Models for 3D Printing

When it comes to technology, the media can’t seem to get enough of 3D printing. This cutting-edge technology presented as an innovation with the potential to radically transform production and global supply chains, is at the forefront of change on nearly all levels of industry, medicine and society. These claims are not the least bit […]

Supply chain management: How AI will impact make-or-buy decisions

Supply chain efficiency is constituted by the complementary parameters of time, quality and responsiveness. Artificial intelligence (AI) technology will increasingly impact these parameters and lead to significantly lower transaction costs. This might cause supply chain decision-makers to rethink and change their behavior regarding make-or-buy decisions. Supply chains are equivalent to biological systems – artificial neural […]

AI in Logistics – How can AI solve the loading meter issue?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises an important contribution to companies’ business value. Transport logistics offers a variety of use cases which have significant impact on freight and logistics costs. Moreover, AI can boost logistics efficiency in the form of lead times or agility. This article highlights a specific AI use case in the field of loading […]

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming logistics – Part 1: A broad overview

Until a couple of years ago, many companies had to rely on research and analyst teams to process and benefit from the data they generated. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has huge potential for optimizing and automating these processes and achieving excellent value improvements by applying data-driven decision making. Camelot expects a major acceleration in AI use […]

A new way to reproduce tacit knowledge and its usability in logistics

Our experience from customer projects at CAMELOT Management Consultants has shown that process automation and digitalization have changed the way businesses operate today by boosting speed and improving efficiency. As a result of this, human interaction with computers, machines, even with robots and other cyber-physical systems, has become an integral part of our today’s business […]