Making the Big IT Trends Tangible – Camelot ITLab at the DSAG Annual Congress 2018

More than 5,000 visitors came to Leipzig for this year’s DSAG Annual Conference to discuss trends and current developments in the German SAP user community. The core of the conference was described by its two-parted motto “Architecture of the future” and “Business without limits”, showing ways how companies can advance in the digital age with […]

Manage „End-of-Data” within Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)

In the past, a profound data management strategy focusing on reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) and controlling overall data volume used to be sufficient. But as tighter retention requirements and compliance rules are emerging, the focus must be shifted towards outweighing costs with legal compliance laws and risk mitigation. Data management must be complemented […]

The way to manage your warehouse dock in real-time

Uncontrolled truck arrivals are typical for many loadings or unloading stations. The result: demurrage costs, bad dock utilization, and process waste. Companies need real-time knowledge about truck arrivals to manage their warehouses in an optimal way. But how can they achieve this? The following situation illustrates common practice within a lot of companies. Warehouse docks […]