Is MDM about to become obsolete due to AI?

After companies have finally realized that their businesses run on data and CIOs and senior management have heavily invested in building up Master Data Management (MDM) capabilities, the next wave of CIO topics is at hand. We are right in the middle of digitalization and new buzzwords like smart dust, edge computing, digital twin, artificial […]

How to approach data protection in the smartest possible way

Uncoordinated initiatives and activities have often been a quick reaction to the demanding legal landscape regarding data protection. Having built the first wall of defense, now is the time to make sure that data protection follows efficient principles and maximizes the value of your assets. Why is data protection relevant to every organization? Data privacy […]

Tackling Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Master Data Management (MDM) with a collaborative innovation approach

We expect the MDM discipline to undergo profound changes due to the application of machine learning (ML) and other technologies under the umbrella of AI. From the impact on single activities like standard mapping or data quality checks through AI-based applications to the complete and autonomous definition and execution of tasks of the MDM organization. […]