Digitally Enhanced Supply Chain Segmentation

Tailored services, SKU proliferation, lot size one – does that sound familiar? If it does you’ve either already segmented your supply chain or you are familiar with the topic. You’ve probably evaluated or even achieved the benefits segmented supply chains offer: Higher revenue due to the tailored offerings addressing differentiated customer needs Higher margin due […]

Cobots – the next big thing on the path to digitalized logistics?

Scenes that were previously only known from science fiction movies are about to become reality as cobots increasingly enter the workforce! According to the logistics and digitalization experts of CAMELOT Management Consultants, these collaborative robots will impact logistics dramatically. In this article I am going to show why. It is only a few years ago […]

The changing face of security: How to fight data breaches with SAP Enterprise Threat Detection (ETD)

Today’s business landscapes tend to be heterogeneous with interconnected systems and increasing number of mobile and cloud-based applications. This diversity makes it difficult to use traditional approaches to protect assets from internal threats. The amount of security-relevant data generated by systems and applications in today’s landscapes is huge and is spread across a vast number […]

How to digitalize your Document Management (DM) – Once and for All

Every year, it is estimated over 30 billion original documents are created, according to the McKinsey Global Institute.  85% of the documents are not retrieved, 50% are duplicates, and 60% of stored documents are obsolete.  Yet document management is often overlooked and not considered of high-value.  A well-run Document Management (DM) strategy can address numerous […]