General Data Protection Regulation: Time is up – are you ready for GDPR?

The new EU data protection regulation has entered into force! It implicates compliance efforts for every organization worldwide handling personal data of individuals residing in the EU. Massive revenue-based sanctions will be imposed on companies that do not fully adhereto GDPR. How can SAP solutions help? Data in SAP systems becomes personal data as soon […]

Does AI have an impact on how shared service centers will be set up in the future?

In this article I will explore how Artificial Intelligence will impact strategic decisions on the geographical location of shared service centers. Shared service centers contributing to operational excellence – low-wage country locations as a key lever In their pursuit of reducing operating costs and enhancing customer experience, companies across various industries have launched initiatives to […]

Supply chains in a time of a looming trade war: Is AI-driven reshoring the solution?

In the past week, headlines all over the world were filled with fears and speculations in regards to a potentially imminent US-China trade war: “Trade war ‘is the greatest threat to the world economy’” (CNBC, USA) “Fallout from US-China trade war would hit major global firms” (Asia Times, Hong Kong) “The trade war is a […]